Roseate Love

>> Sunday, October 16, 2011

Also Known As: 紫玫瑰 / Zi Mei Gui / Roseate-Love /Purple Rose / 紙玫瑰 (Paper Rose) / 天國的薔薇 (The Rose of Heaven)

Year: 2009

Xiao Zi is a pub waitress and the self-proclaimed manager and hugest fan of the yet to be discovered band “The Next Person”. She is also desperately in love with their lead singer and childhood friend and neighbor Lin Nuo. She is obsessively supportive of the band to the point of foolishness and gives Lin Nuo special numbered purple roses folded from paper to show her support. Her devotion and silliness is something new waiter Zi Da—who secretly comes from a wealthy family—just can’t seem to understand. Serious, aloof, and a little bit melancholy, he enjoys mocking her yet can’t seem to avoid getting dragged into her crazy antics. However, when an accident destroys everyone’s dreams, Xiao Zi strives to keep her love alive by deciding to becoming a singer herself. Without even realizing it, Xiao Zi herself finds a supporter who gives her purple roses. 

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Episode 3 - Megaupload , Wupload

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