Mitsu no Aji - A Taste of Honey

>> Saturday, October 15, 2011

Also Known As: Mitsu no aji

Year: 2011

Episodes: TBA

Broadcast Period: 13-Oct-2011 to ?

Morimoto Naoko has qualified for the prestigious Towa Medical University. She makes the decision to leave her hometown and attend the Tokyo university because her father’s younger brother, Ikezawa Masato, works at the university’s hospital. Naoko has had a crush on Masato, whom she adores as her “older brother”, since her childhood. Nothing gives her more pleasure than meeting him when he returns home every summer break, but that becomes impossible when he becomes a busy houseman. Naoko decides that she will go to Tokyo if he cannot come, and she achieves it admirably. And so, Naoko moves to Tokyo accompanied by her mother, Hisako. She dreams of dates with Masato as she gets advice from Hisako about cooking. In the midst of this, she receives a phone call from Masato who asks if he can come over because he is nearby. “I’ll be waiting,” Naoko replies with a broad smile. After that, Masato arrives with a lady. She is Harada Aya, who works at the same hospital as him. Naoko is badly shaken by the knowledge that Masato has had a girlfriend without her realising it. Furthermore, she is stunningly beautiful and elegant. The next day, an orientation is conducted for freshmen. Naoko and her fellow coursemates, Norisugi Yasushi, Kuriyama Kazuki, Lai Yanghua, Minoya Susumu, Takinohara Koichi, are briefed on the school and classes. When she gets lunch at the school cafeteria, Aya comes to talk to her. She apologises for the sudden visit yesterday and worries about the situation at Naoko’s school. However, when Naoko unconsciously calls Masato “Masato-nichan”, Aya immediately warns her to call him “Ikezawa-sensei” within the school. The indescribable harshness of this makes Naoko stand there as if rooted to the spot.

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