Barairo no Seisen

>> Saturday, September 17, 2011

Title: Barairo no Seisen

Also Known As: The Future is in Our Hands!

Year: 2011

Episodes: TBA

Housewife Miki Makoto is busy taking care of her young son and daughter as well as housework. She pays no attention to her unkempt hair and hunched posture. She tells herself, “My husband can work in peace because I’m a housewife. It’s more important to do housework everyday than looking beautiful!” But one day, she discovers that her husband, Atsushi, has been having an affair with his subordinate. Her happy day-to-day life crumbles. Furthermore, she has to suffer the humiliation of acting as the go-between for the other woman at a wedding ceremony and even play attendant to the young, pretty bride. Makoto performs this admirably with her head held high, and radiates more dignity than she thinks. This radiance captures the attention of the professional camerman, Asano Koki … … After the wedding ceremony, Makoto reconsiders her own life. Wishing to regain the feelings of her husband who no longer sees her as a woman, she decides to apply to be an amateur model for a cosmetics company and takes her first step into the world of beauty!

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